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Mountain Brook
English Village
600 Olde English Ln, Suite 104
Mountain Brook, AL   35223

HOURS OF OPERATION (Appointment Only)


Monday - Friday
5:00 AM - 8:15 PM
6:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Personal Training

Chambers Total Body specializes in friendly, professional personal training. Our trainers are fully certified and update their certification on a regular basis. They can help you get started, break through to the next level or simply assist you in maintaining your current routine. All with a friendly, personal touch you won't find anywhere else.

Our Current Session Layout

Each training session consists of 45 minutes with your trainer. Those sessions consist of movements, exercises and activities designed for you specifically in order to meet your health and fitness goals. Your trainer will provide you with a demonstration and explanation of muscle groups trained in this movement before you are asked to perform it yourself. Training techniques and exercise movements have a purpose. At Chambers Total Body we make it a point to make sure our clients understand why each exercise is done and what muscle groups are stimulated. This philosophy is easily met with a team effort from the client and trainer... After all, Your Goals bring us Together!


Have questions about our session format?

We're happy to address all of your questions. Call us at +1 205 637 1086 or use our contact form.

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